A day with Harley; In Fashion and City

Voice Diary: Recording part 1 ‘Human focus always prompts to beauty, often unknowingly, but we see nothing it bears but the fashion helps to carve a story in it. In fashion, delicate textiles and adornments are the primary figures we correlate with. Still, the catwalk of models on the runway can’t exclude from the image, as it does the entire vision clear.  It changed up into the experience of a digital world with the birth of social media for a while. The story of Fashion and Brands takes off from the industrial revolution; the innovations in the garments industry developed into the new vision of  art  and turns into a medium for conveying and connecting society over the past decades.’  Next, a few minutes of silence broke with a yell of voice: “Oh holy cow, I think my patience at waiting is over. Our lady is here, wish me an elegant look.”  The narration of 2nd day with Harley Quinn Meeting with Quinn is always a stimulating life. The queen of fashion, the charm of feminity, revealin

Spirituality, Unraveling Misconception in India

India gives an outline to philosophy as a vision where others count it as a cutting tool to dissect things for critical reasoning.  I am trying to showcase a little bit around the Indian Sacred culture and spirituality. Cultural Norms and Society  We can see that they bore us with the portrayal of the cliche, “India is the land of diversity in the ways of life and customs” There was a time we were proud of it, but the current age with scientific credentials sees that culture is a social norm built upon a region of environments that measures to survive. In western aspects, culture is a habit of life that involves modern civil manners and is versatile. So we are taking western morality here. There are no concepts of morality in Indian culture.  There is yogic science. Here, culture is a tool made to elevate your consciousness. If we are perfectly conscious of our system rather than emotionally vulnerable, there is no need for training morality. Because when we are at complete peace, only

A moment to remember the Soul journey of Reading

“Wow reading” was the expression that was ordinarily seen in my childhood but when the internet becomes the primary figure of our life it turns into, why reading? People missed the essence and relevance of reading from their life as they fall into the virtual reality that synthesizing by technology. While we overlook our reading voyage; where it gets stimulates the unidentified emotions and dimensions within you and the journey which feeds you the experience you have never realized before; then now you can see it is in your current reality and you are living in its reflection. A reader will naturally become well-coded with principles and values that they gather while reading and perform spontaneously in the actual world. So the versatility of books that chose is very important to a reader. As it can create potential changes within you. The Same chapter in a book can trigger distinct degrees of emotions, and involvement in every person differently depends on their state of mind and expe

Humanity and Arising of Auroville

The Global peace index of humanity showing that Racism, Gender inequality, and the lowering level of human connection are steadily going and become symbolic of all modern nations. There is always an imaginary line that separates people into two divisions, and the division of the upper class and lower class is further familiar to us. Money is the standard that determines the human class in our society.  Oddly, the rich remain rich and different laws for different persons become an accepted social condition in the community.  It continues and happening because of the perceptions we gained and the lesser awareness of our rights and human consciousness. There must be only one class; it should be the class of humanity.  Human basic instinct becomes making space for inequality and distinct classes. We are creating social injustice and supporting them unconsciously. For example, Celebrities from various fields got celebrity status by the audience, and we make payment for them over ticket and

haha, Love not for us!!!

There was a time I stuck between my two buddies’ ideologies, one who is eagerly waiting for his dream girl, and another who is changing his girlfriend every six months. The common factor is here with my friends are they are not in love; both are only focusing on the view of love in its physical sense. Of course, the understandings we attain from the loving prince and princess tales influenced us a lot to create myths and perceptions about love. As we look, a few years back, the primary concern of the teens was making a person fall for them. Today it is easier than a breakup. It’s just your time and consistency that determine your success in winning over a person’s emotion, which we called love. This emotion developed on certain neediness of people called desire, care, support, and curiosity. Nowadays, people are focusing on how to not fall in love again and when their perspiration about love changes into reality. As a person, you have many potential and opportunities to explore and com

Visus history and previous pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a message; we are not free from the law of nature and it shows how humans are not infallible.  Today almost all nations operating medical investigation units working on Globally and as individual nations on the contagious diseases. This unit’s to investigate, trace, and track the patterns of diseases and their causes to find a cure. Pandemic and Society It estimates that the cases reported on pandemic are very high from the 20th century and today we are more familiar with the terms such as pandemic and epidemic.  An epidemic is a disease that spreads and transmit by many people or communities within a country. When an epidemic affects multiple countries, it refers as a pandemic. Microbes and infectious diseases Microorganisms are around 3.8 billion years old, The first form of life. It has an active role in the metabolic activities of all living organisms. Still, there is a division of microbes called pathogens that cause life-threatening diseases. The human

Exigency of Minimalism in the Modern Era

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” Vernon Howard Nowadays everyone is struggling to get up-to-date with changing trends when our world is transforming swiftly and here the sad reality is all we have lost our senses while chasing this senseless life. In such a scenario, an alternative way of lifestyle origins, which we called minimalism. We define Minimalism as solely owning less withal, It’s based on the attitude we adopt to cherish with little things we have and not seeking more. The concept of minimalism adorns here as it helps us live more alive and experience the life it stands. Existential Crisis And Youth Most people in today’s generation are competing with the existential crisis and because they are neglecting their true self and abilities as a human.  They are always attempting to impress others with their pieces of stuff they had and living in the world of their own perceptions. Minimalistic life fixes your concerns and fixates